Gran Canaria – the “island of youth 2016”

Gran Canaria is an island also called as a “miniature continent”, due to its microclimate, and amazing variety of landscapes. You can have a walk on beautiful long beaches and dunes, and afterwards come across green forests, passing through scenic villages while overlooking incredible landscape of mountains. Apart from environmental aspect, this unique diversity is also mirrored and present across the whole island. Lying on the geographical crossroads in between three continents of America, Africa and Europe, Gran Canaria has witnessed several decades of migration and thus represents a unique cocktail of people, colors, cultures, traditions, ideas and dreams.

Looking far back to the history of 500 BC, Gran Canaria was populated by the Canarii – Guanches, the aboriginal Berber inhabitants who called the island “Tamaran” – the Land of Brave. And here we are, brave, active and young people full of ambitious dreams and innovative ideas, speaking out to you from this magical, colorful “miniature continent”, that strives to candidate as an “island of youth” and gain a title of European Youth Capital for 2016.

WHY WE feel we should be recognized as EYC for 2016?

  • young people as a priority and future of Gran Canaria
  • need to mobilize youth
  • need to create Youth Center / productive and creative environment for young people
  • need to establish and foster cooperation between municipalities, NGOs and active young people
  • motivate young people to implement their new ideas and innovative project proposals, encourage their active social participation
  • promote youth that is informed and actively participating in the society - having possibility to create and form their future
  • establish a pattern of “active youth” that can be followed in the future
  • visibility and support for youth initiatives (cultural, educative, environmental, …)
  • multicultural society in GC - a good role model of tolerance, coexistence, integration
  • bring youth of Gran Canaria close to Europe
  • better understanding of each other’s cultures between youth of different origins
  • self-development under the principle of Youth for Youth
  • creativity of youth